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Dear friends healthy and organic food:

This week we go walking, the Permaculture garden Ramon Navia is high in Canteras. After more than 25 years of care and selections, he and Ubalda, have managed to create a green island, full of native life that is spreading beyond their farm.

Nature lover from a young-namely the plants-was formed as Agronomist starting their careers in conventional agriculture, currently serves as advisor organic farms, inside and outside Spain. In turn, is manager of the company BIOALAMO, where they produce organic vegetables for the domestic and international market. Collaborating Anse and other non-government organizations engaged in their spare time, the spread of organic farming and the benefits this means for nature and health of humans.

Therefore, and to better understand how and philosophy of his garden, we are organizing a guided tour of the same, where in addition to taste their -exquisitas- varieties of fruit and seasonal plants, we will have to share the system Permaculture, where native hedges, play an important in restoring the biodiversity of the garden work.

No doubt it will be a visit of great interest and that from Cartagena BIOSHOP propose and offer our clients and friends.

The visit will last approximately 2.5 to 3 h, where among other things see:
  1. Permaculture system design gives the estate, with its comprehensive and balanced ecosystem.
  2. Types of native plants and their placement within the Garden, to generate an equilibrium system and alive throughout the year, keeping a great biodiversity of plants, insects, birds, thus avoiding the use of elements and external products.
  3. Varieties selected among the best in the region and the country fruits.
  4. Vegetables and selected plants which can taste some varieties.
  5. We will be able to consult on how to adapt our gardens and permaculture, generating Biodiversity.
  6. We'll see how soon 25 years, has gone from a secarral or desert, a beautiful orchard full of life and food, it is a pleasure walk.
  7. Discuss what to do with surplus production, we can not eat in laq season and to eat them when necessary.
  8. For those who do not know anything about Permacultua you leave a link to basic more about it: see

It will be a visit for those interested in learning how to grow organic and sustainable, they will come in handy. Also paw those who want to know how is cultivated in ecological, and have doubts about their process, they will give many ideas because eating healthy.

Ramon says, "A farm with a single product (broccoli, tomato, lettuce, etc), is a totally unbalanced system and that we must rebalance with generally external chemical inputs (in conventional agriculture) and organic (in organic farming ).
In a Permaculture system, we get the system to self-regulate, through the great biodiversity of plants, trees, insects, birds and other elements, living permanently in our garden. "

Do not miss it, Sunday April 19 10:30 am departure from the market of Santa Florentina, at 11 am on the Esplanade Cemetery Canteras (Cartagena + Spain).

Maximum number of participants 40 in order of registration. Of course you can bring your children.

More information and reservations in the mail and telephone 968 522312 eco-shop,
Email: or mobile 646 757 242.

Greetings and see you by the eco-shop.