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Certified organic products of murcia cartagena Spain. Seasonal local produce. Central Market, Bioshop: "Cartagena Ecológica"

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The Bioshop "CARTAGENA ECOLÓGICA", located in the central market of Cartagena, Mercado de Santa Florentina # 9. It is the first place in the central market of Cartagena with 24h online direct sale (on the web:, Certified Organic Food, using fresh seasonal produce and packaged primarily local Cartagena and Murcia (new and old varieties ), and the immediate environment of the region.

As you know our specialty is fresh local seasonal organic products , collected directly from the garden and good affordable prices for almost any budget. Other options available :

Grateful for your support during this time and look forward to further cooperation between initiatives and projects and share in some other way out through the orchards and mountains.

If you want to see or browse the online store among other items , we leave the links so that you can investigate .

In Cartagena Ecological online store, aiming to make easier and close the purchase of your seasonal ecological needs.
Therefore, requests from the online store (web, exel, mobile, telephone) and collect in store, no waiting. Also we took him home.

Thanks and I continue taking them in person at the market of Santa Florentina, 9th.
tefoPAX for ECE

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